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Every year Bacardi Rus runs Bacardi Sales Way conference for its employees. In 2013 there was a special mission: deliver international standards of Bacardi brands presentation in retail. It should have become a crystal clear explanation: everyone, even the most non-sale people should have understood it.

Think out and develop an educational material that clearly delivers global retail presentation standards of Bacardi Rus brands to all employees.

Instead of regular materials such as brochures and leaflets Axis proposed to make a unique 5D installation — an Ideal Store. The installation presented a full-size copy of liquor department, smart lighting and ambient sounds added.

In order to imitate a real store and its atmosphere the agency had completely changed interior of a meeting hall of the hotel where the conference took place:
• Assembled shelves and pallets and merchandized Bacardi Rus brands.
• Created live wall video-projections that resurrected showcases and shelves with competitor’s brands.
• Recorded original ambient sound of a store: steps, low conversations, dings of bottles, cashier machine sounds, etc.
• Installed special lighting equipment and reflecting materials that allowed to create an impression of high ceiling of an ordinary store.

• Over 400 employees visited Ideal Store.
• Non-standard materials allowed employees to walk in consumer’s shoes, try and evaluate every detail.
• 5D demonstration helped people in positive perception of global brands presentation standards. They were very much inspired by idea of Ideal Store.

2013: the project was awarded the Golden plate for «The best Internal/corporate events» at 14 Kyiv International Advertising Festival.

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